Little Professionals: I Am a Little Fashion Designer


by Mayumi Oono


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Little kids are fascinated by the world of grown-up work. Created by the talented Japanese illustrator Mayumi Oono, the Little Professionals series takes pretend play at grown-up careers in a fun and original direction, with special interactive features included with each book. 

Fabrics, patterns, notions, and more—I Am a Little Fashion Designer offers the budding stylist a chance to experiment with dresses, outfits, and costumes. A veritable sewing-box worth of accompanying stickers are shaped like pockets, laces, zippers, and bow ties. The combination of craft supplies, creativity, and imagination will help pave the way for tomorrow’s show-stopping runway stars.


"With I Am A Little Fashion Designer, children have the possibility to expand their imagination and learn about the possibilities of the creative world of fashion. The book gives them an insight into making and designing clothing to unlock bright ideas for the future of fashion!" —Maya Ramirez, Winner of Season One of Project Runway Junior

“I Am A Little Fashion Designer is a fun-filled and simultaneously educational book that makes understanding fashion and design easy for children. Not to mention the beauty and expertise that comes with every page turn, young designers everywhere will be endlessly inspired by this book!” —Hawwaa Ibrahim, Season 2 Finalist of Project Runway Junior

"I Am A Little Fashion Designer" gives kids the opportunity to let their creativity shine in such a unique way. Mayumi Oono’s interactive book includes ALL of my favorite things- learning, creativity, and fun in one brilliant book! This  would have been a dream to have when I was younger! The addition of craft supplies truly make this the perfect step in a young fashion designer’s dream! A must purchase!” —Molly Elizabeth, Project Runway Junior Season 2

“It’s beautiful to imagine the infinite creativity that future fashion designers possess, and this book helps those children explore that imagination! Through this book’s hands-on approach to the world of fashion design, young designers can expand their skills while also learning about the properties needed to make a design. This book serves as a medium for young designers to express their creativity and imagine their possible future as a fashion designer!” —Peytie Slater,  Season One Finalist of Project Runway Junior

Discover the joy, creativity, and excitement of grown-up jobs in Mayumi Oono’s Little Professional series of interactive board books, each with a unique selection of craft supplies.

Mayumi Oono is a Japanese illustrator living in Tokyo. She was an editor and designer at a publishing company before becoming a freelance illustrator. Her designs, which stand out for their unique look, feel, and patterns, have appeared in advertisements, magazines, books, stationery, and textiles. Oono has been a fan of nonfiction books since childhood. She is fascinated by the possibilities of combining the artistic and the practical, and strives to create fun, educational, beautiful books for children.

Bologna Illustrator’s Exhibition Selection 2017 
3x3 Professional Show Merit 2017
Society of Illustrators Annual 60 2018


Publication Date | March 01, 2022 | Trade edition 

Hardcover » Smyth Sewn Binding 

30 Pages Text + 2 Gatefolds + Case + 4 Cards + 6 Sticker Sheets + 1 Envelope 

Color Illustrations Throughout 

8.6 x 8.6 in. 

$14.99 ($19.99 CAN) 


Reading Age: 2 - 4 years 

This book has been translated into the following languages: 

Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian