Tra Publishing creates beautifully crafted books that celebrate art in all its forms.

At Tra, our mission is to create books that inspire social, cultural or environmental awareness through the arts. Our goal is to create books that are a work of art in themselves; beyond representing an artist’s portfolio, we hope that the book itself becomes a new mode of artist expression.

Formed by Swiss-born graphic designer and author Ilona Oppenheim, Tra stands on fifteen years of design excellence through Ilona Studio, Oppenheim’s creative consultancy firm. In today’s world of excess and technology, we believe that the tactile process of holding and reading a book is a mindful experience that creates a real connection to life. Our books focus on art, design, and architecture.

Tra’s design aesthetic is one of restraint, giving power to the images and words on the page for each book while carefully working with printers in the United States and the Netherlands. Once a book is completed, Tra further nurtures the relationship with artists by devising strategic communication and distribution plans. The ability to work directly with our artists and authors allows Tra to produce unique events that promote their books and bring the work to life in the form of exhibitions at galleries and museums, book launches, conversations with curators and collectors, workshops and events at book stores and private venues to further garner a greater understanding of their vision.