What's Hidden in The Sky


by Aina Bestard


Available April 26, 2022

This enchanting book invites readers to imagine themselves gazing at the night sky from different children’s rooms around the world. Hold the windows on each page up to a light source, and constellations magically appear—celestial creatures that roam the sky before dawn.

What’s Hidden in the Sky offers eight playful riddles that each suggest a different animal constellation hidden in the night sky, depending on the time of year and the viewer’s location around the globe. This utterly unique child’s-eye view of the stars overhead is sure to amaze and delight stargazers of all ages.


Glance out the window from eight locations around the world and marvel at the animal constellations hidden in the night sky above.

Aina Bestard is an illustrator and textile designer who divides her time between Barcelona and Mallorca. As a little girl, her grandfather shared his artistic vocation with her by teaching her to draw. Bestard has studied graphic design and has worked for brands such as Miró Jeans, Women’s Secret, and Camper. Her beautifully illustrated children's books have been published around the world.


Books in her immensely successful What’s Hidden series have been published in more than a dozen countries, with over 200,000 copies in print. Titles include What’s Hidden in the Woods?, What’s Hidden in the Sea?, and What’s Hidden in the Body. 


Her most recent book, Paisajes perdidos de la Tierra, has been translated into 10 languages since its publication in 2021. It has been awarded the Prix Sorcières 21, one of the most prestigious literary awards in France,  and Best Illustrated Book of 2020 by the Association of Booksellers of Northern Spain.  It is also a finalist for the 2021 Andersen Prize in Nonfiction.

2019: Awards: Serra d'Or Critics Award - Knowledge ( Naixements bestials )
2019: Junceda Awards – Non-fiction Book Finalist ( Naixements bestials )
2018 : Associazioni Autori di Immagini - LYRA per le Belle Arti ( What's Hidden in the Body? )
2018 : Junceda Awards - Children's Book Finalist ( Què s'amaga dins el cos humà? )


Trade edition

Publication date: April 26, 2022

Hardcover, smyth sewn binding

Color illustrations throughout

32 Pages 

10.354 x 11 in.