100 Reasons Why Leo Tolstoy Cried


by trapublishing


Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, is best known for his novels War and Peace (1869) and Anna Karenina (1878). Although the world's greatest novelist was a courageous man, his heart responded with pain and excitement to almost everything—whether poems and prose by fellow writers or hunger in the surrounding villages, not to mention family affairs. By his example, Leo Tolstoy showed that boys do cry, can express their feelings, nurture others, and embrace everything they love.

Through the crystal prism of tears, Katya Gushchina shows us a multifaceted world in which Leo Tolstoy created his groundbreaking novels and made a difference in the world using intelligence and kindness, instead of aggression and force.

A graphic novel about one of the greatest Russian writers, this unique and extremely compelling overview of Leo Tolstoy imparts meaningful insights into life, literature, and love.

Katya Gushchina is an artist and a cartographer who works with travel books, comics, and graphic novels. She had so much fun making this book and currently resides in Russia.


September 17, 2024


Edge color: blue

116 pages

Color Illustrations & Collages Throughout 

5.9 x 8.26 inches

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ISBN: 978-1-962098-02-1