An Elephant on My Chest, or Why Heartbreak Is Worth It


by Lucia Zamolo


Have you been hit right in the heart? Is your heart crying? Do you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest? The elephant is called heartbreak and can be big and heavy, small and light, very present or just a memory. This book wants to help you in a very horrible—no, important— time. 

Spunky, humorous, tender, honest, and at times angsty, young German author Lucia Zamolo talks about heartbreak with so much clarity that the book itself is like a cure for cloudy thoughts. No matter what age, this endearing rumination suddenly works better than any medicine.

With charmingly relaxed illustrations and text straight from the heart, this graphic work is dedicated to a topic that almost everyone knows. 

Lucia Zamolo is the author of Red is Beautiful, Elephant on the Chest, and Every Day Spaghetti.  A freelance illustrator and graphic designer, her titles have been translated into 15 languages. She currently resides in Münster.


December 3, 2024


126 pages

Color illustrations throughout

5.9 x 8.26 inches

Retail price: $19.99 US

ISBN: 978-1-962098-04-5