Dinosaurs Don't Exist

by Mark Janssen

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Two brothers set off on a pretend expedition to find dinosaurs. Of course, everyone knows dinosaurs don’t exist, so there’s no need to be scared—or is there? The brothers see rocks and mountains, but as each page unfolds the landscape reveals itself full of dinosaurs! 

In his signature bold, sparkling style, renowned author and illustrator Mark Janssen plays visual tricks with scale. Proceed with caution and look closer...that tree or hill might be a dinosaur, too.

Two brothers embark on a dinosaur hunt in this exciting fold-out book where nothing is quite what it seems.

Mark Janssen is an award-winning author and illustrator based in the Netherlands. He has worked on over 500 books, including I Want a Lion, How Weird!, and Dinosaurs Don’t Exist. His illustrations have been praised for their glowing use of color and ability to create worlds that are magical, whirling, and exciting. 

He is the recipient of multiple international awards, including the Mooiste Boekomslag, White Raven, Prentenboek KBW, Purple Island Award Nami, Andersen Award, and Vlag en Wimpel


Publication Date | October 3, 2023 | Trade Edition

Hardcover » Smyth Sewn Binding

36 Pages + 4 Gatefolds

Color Illustrations Throughout 

9.6 x 12.8 in.

19.99 ($25.99 CAN)


Reading Age: 4 - 8 years