Oliver and the Night Giants


by Kitty O'Meara


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Oliver, a young boy and budding artist, has had a rough day. His creativity has been challenged when students in the classroom tease his painting. That evening, three giants appear in Oliver’s bedroom windows as he is drifting off to sleep. The giants convince Oliver to help them with their nighttime work of repairing the world. 

Oliver helps the giants with a long list of nighttime tasks, from brightening the moon to polishing the stars, from adjusting mountains to creating snowflakes, from planting seeds to calming the sea. As Oliver travels the planet and beyond with the Night Giants as an important part of their team, he learns to lead with his imagination and to value his dreams.


"Positively enchanting... a fast favorite." —Los Angeles Book Review

What would you do if three giants appeared at your bedroom window and invited you to join them in their nightly mission of restoring the world’s beauty and peace?

Kitty O'Meara lives near Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband, Phillip Hagedorn, their five rescue dogs, two cats, gardens, and books. Formerly a middle school writing and literature teacher and hospital and hospice chaplain, she is currently a spiritual director and has been a lifelong writer and artist. She has been called “the poet laureate of the pandemic” based on her wildly popular, widely circulated, and hopeful poem about the Covid-19 pandemic. That poem is illustrated and presented in book form in And the People Stayed Home. She is also the author of The Rare, Tiny Flower (Tra Publishing, 2021) and Oliver and the Night Giants (Tra Publishing, 2023). 

Anna Pirroli is an award-winning illustrator based in Italy. She has worked as an illustrator and art director for companies such as Vogue, MTV, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Mondadori. She also teaches design applied to the arts as a visiting professor at the Accademia di Brera in Milan. She illustrated the picture books I Hate My Cats by Davide Calì (Chronicle Books) and Anonymouse by Vikki Van Sickle (Tundra Books), for which she won the Dilys Evans Founder’s Award in the 2021 Society of Illustrator’s The Original Art Show.


Publication Date | October 24, 2023 | Trade edition

Hardcover » Smyth Sewn Binding

44 Pages

Color Illustrations Throughout

Blue and Holographic Foil Stamping

9.25 x 12 in.

$19.99 ($26.99 CAN)


Reading Age: 4 - 8 years