by Laura Paresky Gould


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In SEEING DIFFERENTLY: Miami Color Theory, graphic designer, photographer, and artist Laura Paresky Gould depicts the vibrant beauty of Miami while teaching engaging lessons about seeing and art. Photography can be meditation with your eyes open. 

This multi-hued catalog of shapes, shadows, and architectural gems of Miami showcases more than 110 images, includes insightful quotes from famous photographers, and a foreword by Silvia Cubina, executive director of The Bass.

SEEING DIFFERENTLY is inspired by the three-part video series on digital photography Paresky Gould created for The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, and a compilation of her sophisticated smartphone images posted on her Instagram account, @miamicolortheory, where she explores the art of Minimal Photography, the Seven Elements of Art, Five Composition Techniques, and The Practice of Seeing. @miamicolortheory was awarded “Best Instagram” by the Miami New Times. Paresky Gould’s @miamicolortheory photos were featured on Apple’s Instagram on two separate occasions. 


"Thoughtfully considers color, line, and space in the architecture of her hometown. With eyes wide open, she makes profoundly moving images of Miami's built environment."  ―Franklin Sirmans, Director, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

"Most photographers project an illusion of depth onto a two-dimensional plane. In Seeing Differently, Laura Paresky Gould is having none of that. She isolates sun-dazzled elements of Miami’s built environment and irons them flat. The magic lies in the photographer’s uncanny knack for tapping into the mutuality of ineffable visual experience."  ―Tom Finkel, Editor-in-Chief, Miami New Times

"The photographs that make up Laura Paresky Gould’s Seeing Differently are love letters to Miami, each unique, improbable, intimate, and delightful." ―Sarah Harrelson, founder and editor-in-chief, Cultured Magazine

"Actively looks at what is not immediately visible to many of us: shapes, lines, curves, and, most importantly, color. She uses this consciousness to show people how to see joy in the everyday world." ―Silvia Karman Cubiñá, Executive Director, The Bass

A vibrant journey through our colorful destination offering an engaging visual feast. Laura Paresky Gould's attention to detail is masterful, painting a vivid and nuanced picture of every sight explored. The book is a celebration of color, beauty, and invites audiences to see Miami through a kaleidoscope of dynamic hues as unique and diverse as our communities.” ―Dan Rios, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Sometimes, at first glance, it does not even seem to be a photograph…she manages to look at the real world and make it look like a drawing that just came out of her work table." FrizziFrizzi Magazine

"A roadmap for how to use our eyes as a means of becoming more present, to better appreciate even the most quotidian surroundings. She instills both the methods and confidence to capture striking imagery. But whether or not you apply her teachings to photography, you will learn how noticing is a form of mindfulness." ―Laura Rubin, creative coach and journaling expert

“No one has shot the city more intimately than artist, photographer, and graphic designer Laura Paresky Gould… She captures the colorful shapes and shadows of the city's unique architecture and composes them as if they were works of modern, abstract art.” ―Miami New Times

"An exquisite compilation and a lesson in visual mindfulness. Gould beautifully frames the unexpected, appreciates commonplace juxtapositions, and filters out the distractions of daily life by focusing on the unique architectural characteristics that make Miami magical." ―James Voorhies, Curator, The Bass

"Laura Paresky Gould explores the beauty of the Magic City's architecture, colors, and shapes through incredible iPhone shots. Highlighting the locale's myriad of Art Deco geometries, even light and vivid hues, Gould celebrates the visual joy of South Florida." ―Cultured Magazine

Learn to see differently and develop mindful awareness through Laura Paresky Gould’s colorful, minimal photographs of Miami.

Laura Paresky Gould is a graphic designer, animator, photographer and fine artist. Since January 2021 she has been photographing Miami in bright, saturated colors found in architecture and inanimate objects, using just an iPhone. She posts these images daily on her Instagram @miamicolortheory, which has garnered attention worldwidefrom Apple to Cultured to Frizzi-Frizzi magazineand was named "Best Instagram" in the Best of Miami 2022 issue by Miami New Times. Prior to @miamicolortheory, Gould designed internationally award-winning motion graphics for Nike, E! Entertainment Television, CBS, and NBC earning her numerous accolades including Gold Broadcast Designer Awards, a Telly Award, a New York Festival Award, Type Director's Club Awards, and an Art Director's Club Award. She also designed logo identities for numerous corporations across the country. Her fine artwork appears in museums as well as public and private collections worldwide, and she held three solo exhibits during Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Her photographs have appeared in numerous national publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Elle, Esquire, Vogue, Elle-Décor, GQ, Architecture, Interiors, Miami Home & Décor, Ocean Drive, How, New York Magazine, Upper and Lower Case, Communication Arts Photography Annual, and on the covers of The Pink Palm and Palm Beach Illustrated. Gould was the Design Director for Ocean Drive magazine, taught typography at Miami Ad School, created a personalized product e-commerce company, and co-founded Twain Creative, a boutique identity design firm. She was also the recipient of the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA)’s Stars of Design Award for Graphic Design. 

Gould graduated from Duke University and received a master's degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. SEEING DIFFERENTLY is her first book.


Publication Date | November 21, 2023 | Trade Edition

Hardcover » Lay-Flat Binding

172 Pages

9 x 11.25 in.

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