Slurp: Simple Recipes to Elevate Your Noodles


by trapublishing


In Slurp, Dennis Yen shares the genuine noodle dishes he grew up with. He also shares the philosophy that has made him an internet sensation: that noodles shouldn't be complicated. From dan dan noodles to dumplings, slow-cooked broths to instant ramen, this accessible cookbook includes slurp-friendly recipes for all levels inspired by humble kitchens in Southeast Asia. 

Inside, find recipes for dumplings, sauces, and seasonings that can elevate simple noodles, as well as rich broths that range from classic noodle dishes (mamma’s pho) to innovative variations (birria taco ramen).

Whether you want to make spring rolls, spicy miso ramen, or satay, building your own personalized bowl of noodles has never been simpler. 

Dennis Yen is an interior designer, avid home cook, and content creator. He finds joy in crafting diverse dishes influenced by Southeast Asian cuisines, ranging from elaborate 48-hour broths to comforting instant noodles. Inspired by his family, especially his mother, Dennis seeks to preserve the taste and memories of his upbringing in each delightful creation.


October 22, 2024


156 pages

Color illustrations and photographs throughout

7.48 x 10.23 inches  

Retail price: $22 US

ISBN: 9781962098106