The Oldest Kitchen in the World: 4,000 Years of Middle Eastern Cooking


by trapublishing


From the world's oldest recorded cuneiform recipes, some 4,000 years ago, there is a straight line to the kitchen of Smuni Turan. Her recipes have been collected by her son in this cookbook.

The Oldest Kitchen in the World describes both the oldest cuisine in the world and the culture of the Assyrians. Now scattered all over the world, they all still speak dialects of Aramaic, and more importantly: they still cook the dishes that all Middle Eastern kitchens are indebted to.

“A rare and fascinating introduction to an ancient, delicious cuisine. This cookbook is one of the best of its kind–with recipes that honor the past. Straight from the heart and kitchen of Matay's mother.”—Nigel Slater, food writer, journalist, and author of A Cook’s Book

Discover the oldest, most authentic cuisine in the world in this unique cookbook that explores the basis of all cuisines in the Middle East.



224 Pages

September 24,  2024

Color Photographs Throughout 

7.67  x 10.03 


ISBN 9781962098083