Amazing Artworks: The World’s Biggest, Oldest, most Jaw-Dropping Creations


by Eva Bensard & Charlotte Molas


Available April 03, 2022

All over the world, since Prehistoric times, human beings have been creating works of art that defy the imagination. Join countless painters, sculptors, and other artistic innovators in their quest for grandeur and beauty, and embark on a global journey to discover their most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping masterpieces. Amazing Art Records is an original and fun way to explore the history of art and human creative expression.

Look no further than this collection of the biggest, oldest, most amazing artworks throughout history.

Éva Bensard is a writer and children’s book author specializing in art and architecture. Her work has been published by Amaterra, Place des Victoires, and DADA editions. Her book Coquillages et Cerfs-volants (Shells and Kites), published by La Martinière Jeunesse, won the Historia Youth Book Prize 2019. In her books, poetry and travelers, art and history happily coexist.


Charlotte Molas offbeat and playful images having first won over the press (Le Parisien) and various brands (Le Slip français), Charlotte Molas has now added children's books to her list of illustration credits. Her books include Vaches (Gallimard) and Sales temps pour les licornes (L’Agrume), and she also contributes regularly to the magazine Georges. She lives and works in Paris and Biarritz.


Trade edition

Publication date: April 05, 2022

Hardcover, smyth sewn binding

Color illustrations throughout

44 Pages 

8.75 x 12 in.